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Axa Management Consulting
Caribbean Policy Development Center
Caucasus Institute for Peace Democracy and Development
Centro Global para el Desarrollo y la Democracia
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tajik Republic
CINGRAL (Consultora de Ingenieria Rural y Agroalimentaria)
Corporate Technologies Center
D.D. Management – Training
Demira – Deutsche Minenräumer
Dentaltechnik Thomas Gerharz
Deutsche Welle Akademie
Eco Himal
Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia
Habitat for Humanity Deutschland
Habitat for Humanity Romania
ICON Institute – Public Sector
Insula Sperantelor
Institute of Law and Public Policy
International Society for Human Rights – Moldavian Section
jw – mediation – training – consulting
Kuzbass Centre Initiative
Marc Rhein Consulting
Max-Planck-Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law
Max-Planck-Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law
Naturfreunde Internationale
Rural Advisory Service Osh
Umbria Export
Union of Educational Institutions
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Hans Born Consulting was founded in 2001 with one core belief; that the main difference between successful companies/organizations and those that never gain the competitive advantage, lies simply and solely with how well they are able to execute. It's rarely the idea that separates winner from loser in the world of business; rather it's the winner's ability to follow through on their vision.

This is the same with your product, platform, new customer, or new initiative. The "thing" that will separate you from your competition is whether or not you are able to execute on your vision and deliver for your customer and beneficiary.

Therefore HBC specializes in, and our core business is, Project Management. We do not and will not derail from this competence because as soon as you contact us, our only business is getting your vision from idea to reality. Through professional business and project consulting. Contact us now!

Experience & Accountability

This is one of the founding principles of HBC and it serves two key purposes: with us you get access to more then ten years of professional project management experience and you gain a partner that will hold himself accountable for your success.

We Deliver Results

Hans Born Consulting provides professional project management and consulting services that lead to results. We provide expert advice on everything related to your project management need.

Focus on your need

Because we focus exclusively on Project Management, our incentives are exactly aligned with yours. Our goal is yours: the successful definition and implementation of your project.

Amazingly Adaptable

Complex projects - that's our middle name. We adapt to your needs but we will lead you steadily on your path to success.

Serious Professionals

We mean serious business. That's why you can depend on us. We know what reliability means: On time. On target. Your success is our core competence.

Profit and Non-Profit

Our expertise lies in both domains: the for-profit companies as well as the NGO sector. Both are equally demanding and both are treated with the same seriousness.

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